Curriculum Connections - Ideas a la Pixie 3

Pixie 3 provides opportunities for teachers in Elementary and Middle Schools to support their instruction across the curriculum. Search for lessons and content standards correlations for Pixie Activities at the Tech 4 Learning Integration site. Pre-made lessons and activities are available within the program and categorized by subject areas:

Pixie Activities Menu
Pixie Activities Menu

My Activities - where students can store their work

All About Me - activities to tell your story

Language Arts - Alphabet, Parts of Speech, Reading, and Writing

Math - Fractions, Meaurement, Money, Number Facts, Patterns, and more!

Science - Earth & Space, Health, Biology, Matter, Seasons, and Weather

Social Studies - Community, Culture, Geography, History, Maps

Holidays - Activities sortable by months

Foreign Languages - French, German, and Spanish Activities

Templates - Dozens of ready made sheets

Wanted: Tasks for HEADWARE not Hardware!

Click on any links below to see a full size image of projects made in Pixie. Skim curriculum ideas as well. Be sure to filter all content ideas and examples for Rigor and Relevance. How much H.E.A.T.™ are you finding in the idea or sample product? Can you put more H.E.A.T.™ into the task to make more worthy of your time and outcomes needed. The goal is NOT to use Pixie for incidental activities or as engaging students in a form of "digital" recess, playground or reward experiences. Make choices that maximize the ROL - Return on Learning for students!

Curriculum Ideas - ADD Your Own!

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Language Arts
  • Create an ABC book. Give each student a different letter to stamp out with stickers or draw with the tools.
  • Create a noun sort by person, place and thing.
  • Sort words by consonant sound or vowel sound
  • Complete a Making Words activity using the letter stickers.
  • Create writing prompts for kids: Seasons, My Favorite Animal, My Hero, etc.
  • Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagrams, Story Maps, KWL, etc.
  • Sort words by syllables
  • Type and illustrate a poem
  • Create trading cards of literary figures
  • Sort between real and fictional characters

  • Import real pictures. Draw and label angles that you find.
  • Use the coins to show different ways to make the same amount of money.
  • Stamp out number sentences to illustrate them.
  • Symmetry with the mirror tool.
  • Expanded form
  • Illustrate word problems

  • Illustrate Life Cycles
  • Showing NOT Telling Biomes
  • Sort by Living and Non-Living
  • Illustrate the Water Cycle or the Rock Cycle
  • Illustrate weather for the week
  • Sort objects by sink or float
  • Label parts of an insect, parts of a flower, layers of the earth, planets in the solar system, layers of the rainforest, etc.
  • Food Chains and Food Webs
  • Food Pyramids
  • Differences between whales and fish
  • Differences between the different types of rock
  • Create trading cards of different rocks, minerals, or elements

Social Studies
  • "If I were prime minister" writing prompt
  • Label a map of the US by the initials of each state
  • Compare presidents or any 2 historical figures
  • Add a state stamp and fill it with stamps that represent resources available from that state
  • Color the regions of MD
  • Sort by community helpers
  • Sort by human, natural, and capital resources
  • Create trading cards of historical figures or current political figures
  • Create a postcard from a historical landmark or location

  • Design a kite
  • Design a Christmas ornament
  • Paint a self-portrait
  • Label a color wheel