Storying Around for 21st Century Skills

diitales_book_cover.jpgExcerpt from Bernajean's DigiTales Chapter Three . . . .

Giving birth to a tale that needs to be told almost always brings special delight and personal pride to authors. But digital storymaking also demands an immense amount of multiple skills to be mastered within a single task. “Storying around” by making lots of digital stories with digital media is not just playtime and heart-time for kids and adults – although there is nothing wrong with just having lots of fun and joy! Developing digital stories again and again will give us something even more. Creating stories provides us with important opportunities to build and practice a number of specific 21st skills as well as other types of learning people need in order to function in a knowledge society: The following Chapter 3 topics from Digitales: The Art of Telling Digital Storytelling reveals the depth of skill development that makes digital storymaking translate the time involved into LOTS of results.

    • Creativity and inventive thinking
    • Multiple intelligences / learning styles
    • Visual literacy
    • Technical literacy
    • Effective communication
    • Evaluating effective communication
    • Teaming and collaboration
    • Project management skills
    • Enduring understandings