Digital Storytelling Workshop ~ Tapping into the Power of Storytelling for Learning, Thinking and Communication in a Digital Age


DigiTales_campfire.jpgAfter a story is finished, it should be remembered for its soul, not the bells and whistles of technology. Bernajean Porter, DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories.

Gather round the campfires as the ancient art of storytelling is being revived into an emerging communication mode called digital storytelling! Stories are as old as humans and more important than ever for our minds, spirits and human progress. Telling stories together about things that really matter has an extraordinary effect on people even more so when their digital storytelling is distributed quite literally to a world community through the World Wide Web. What an experience to guide a new generation into becoming 21st Century StoryKeepers™ knowing their personal narratives will endure for others long after the fires die down! By telling thoughtful stories, we clarify our own thinking, experiences and understandings in order to share it with others. Digital Storytelling has become a vehicle for mastering multiple 21st century skills considered essential for the modern workplace. Participants will be introduced to the joy, processes, elements of good storytelling, and technical tools, along with viewing memorable examples from kids of all ages creating digital storytelling of bringing together voice, graphics, animation, and sound in artful ways.

Guiding Questions
  • What distinguishes digital stories and photo essays from digital storytelling?
  • What is the role of storytelling as a dynamic communication form for shaping data into enduring understandings?
  • How do we define and apply the "Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling?"
  • What are the classroom connections with digital storytelling?
  • What are the "Baker’s Dozen" skills and other learning outcomes developed through storymaking?

Agenda Topics (2.5 hours)

Opening ~ A Story
Process: Journaling (paper or digital): Reflecting on Art of Digital Storytelling Skills aka Mashing UP being Storyteller + Creative Artist + Technologist
Topic: The Power of Story (slide show / resources) @
Process: Comparing / Contrasting Two Written Versions (handout)
Topic: Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling (formalizing participants' work from comparing/contrasting)
Topic: Defining Story, Photo Essays and Digital Storytelling
Process: Coding and Reflecting on "Take Six Elements" viewing student digital samples
Topic: Classroom Connections with Digital Storytelling (reviewing TYPES of communication w/ showing student samples for each as time allows)
Process: Groups Scribe Skills and OutComes from Digital Storytelling
Topic: Preview of Journey aka Road Ahead

Learning Tools and Links
Debriefing w/ - "What are your take-away ideas from today?"