Designing Minds

Designing Minds ~ Preparing to Launch Storytelling with Students

Outcomes for the DayStorytelling_Quote.002.jpg

Each group comes away with a plan for how to teach and apply digital storytelling in each of their classrooms.

Driving Questions AM

1. What ELA 10 outcomes will I be looking to meet?
2. What will I get from my students or see to show me they have met the outcomes?
3. What skills and understandings will I need to help students develop?

Driving Questions PM

4. What process/activities will I need to have in place to get there?
5. What details (timelines, technology skills, and/or limiting forces) do I need to attend to implement success?

Agenda Topics AM - 9:00 - 12:00

  • Opening
  • Outcomes for the Day
  • Designing Curricular Connections a la Wiggins (UBD) a la Question ONE (1)
  • Project TimeDigitales_TYPES.040.jpg
  • Identifying TYPE of Communication (Purpose and Audience) Organizing Storytelling a la Question TWO
  • Project Time
  • Understanding and Applying Take Six: Elements of Good StoryTelling a la Question TWO (2)
  • Project Time

Agenda Topics PM - 12:30 - 3:15

  • Project Time
  • Using Seven Steps for Planning StoryMaking Lessons a la Question FOUR (4)
  • Using Seven Steps with Digital Tools a la Question FIVE (5)
  • Project Time
  • Using Seven Steps for Self-Directed Learning Spaces a la Question FOUR (4)
  • Project Time
  • Activating "Da Um Jeihino" with Problem-Solving Strategies for Success a la Question FIVE (5)
  • Closing


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