ExPlorITorium ~ New Mediums for Digital Storytelling

From oral storytelling to video / podcasting and now . . . imaginations know no limits. The power of story may find new dimensions of expression but . . . storymaking always begins with a powerfully crafted narrative story - one waiting to be told! Explore some new mediums and let imaginations fly!

Building 3D Participatory StoryWorlds

storyworlds.jpgWhat if you discovered an entirely new world where you could tell stories in ways you've never done before? How might it change your experience with storytelling if you could make a story you imagine in your mind’s eye come ALIVE in a 3D emotional, immersive landscape for others to walk, meander, interact, fly or sit inside that story you have always wanted to tell? How might it change your relationship with your “readers” or inworld avatars if they had a chance to deeply immerse and engage themselves inside your storyline? What stories would YOU create for others to experience in virtual worlds like Second Life where the expression of your story would only be limited by your imagination? Prepare for a unique adventure of constructing a 3D StoryWorld in virtual worlds– a journey meant to unfold skills for virtual storytelling.

Interactive Video "Choose Your Own Adventures"

Remember ye ole "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Books? Now you can design multiple endings with video clips NOT text. Viewers navigate their own storypath and experience with the storymaking. The possibilities are ENDLESS with Creativity!

Machinimas - What is IT?

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