Teacher- Created Graphic Novels / Comics for Classrooms

Goal - Sharing examples of comic literacy projects created by teachers to share, inspire AND celebrate!

Samples from Daring Librarian (Also see examples on ShaZamm handouts p. 17)

Directions for Adding Examples of Teacher-Created Comics for Classrooms

√ Join this wiki to have editing (adding / modifying) rights.
√ Save exhibits of student work as either as a PDF, movie or as images.
  • NOTE: PDF documents will be documents to downloaded and view - good for lengthy projects.
  • NOTE: Comic Life can be exported and embedded for viewing as a movie format - tens seconds viewing per page.
  • NOTE: Images are embedded for viewing within a wiki - good for 1-2 page projects.

√ Add exhibits to wiki page.
  • Navigate to the exhibits wiki page.
  • Click Edit button.
  • Click where you want to add the student work.
  • Complete a short profile giving context for viewers.
  • Use this wiki link for step-by-step, how-to directions.
  • After adding the exhibit - save the page - view the page to ensure it is listed as desired.

Create a Profile for Context

√ Title / TYPE and PURPOSE of Communication / Content Area - teacher email