ShaZam Workshop a la Comic Life

Title: Creating Engagingly H.O.T. Comics and Graphic Novels


Take a fun-packed walk through the land of comics and graphic novels as learning tools! Every medium has a grammar and a fluency that can be practiced and mastered through purposeful processes and reflection. Discover how graphic novels can be used to increase basic literacies as well as communicate in-depth understandings across content areas for all ages through the artful use of text and images. Participants will experience designing rigorous, standards-based tasks, principles of great graphic novels, and exploring hands-on use of comic-making software. Assessment tools for student work provided.



Group Learning Tools and Links

• Micro-Blogging a la
The Comic Challenge ~ join other students in publishing anti-bullying PSAs comics - challenging kids to speak out for other kids sponsored by Bitstrips for Schools. The Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge is one of several ways that students and teachers can take part in Bullying Prevention Month. Since Bitstrips launched in 2008 as an online comic creator, the Toronto-based company has seen an explosion of interest from the education community. More than 100,000 teachers have opened accounts with Bitstrips for Schools, which offers educators a secure site for classroom use. Students have created six million original comic strips, with more published every day. Ontario, Canada, has been a hotbed of creativity, with nearly every school in the province-producing comics.