Beyond Words: The Craftsmanship of Communication

When a digital product has been completed it needs to be remembered for its soul, not the bells and whistles of the technology tools. Bernajean Porter, DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories.

frost_task.005.jpgThere is increasing urgency today to develop communication skills that translate raw information into valuable knowledge for ourselves as well as others. Using dynamic multi-media tools new forms of communication beyond words call for new literacies. Imagining ideas, making meaning of zillions of data factoids, or discovering new concepts, would be hallow academic tasks without the ability to communicate these thoughts effectively to others. The new communication literacies [transliteracies] are less about mastering technical skills than about being able to design information by artfully using sound, images, transitions and special effects in ways that dance ideas together into illuminated understandings.

Participants will be challenged to create more than a literal connection to the Frost poem, Road Not Traveled, by stretching to uncover a metaphorical story of their own using the larger theme of "challenges" that have had an impact on their lives. A visual storytelling, ultimately expressing a clear sensory experience of their own personal story - showing NOT telling, will reflect a choice/ decision in their lives, the emotions behind it, and the lesson learned culminating in a 3-4 min video! Creativity, engagement, and deep introspection into sharing something real from their lives will guide the learning curves with new mediums for expression and representation of understandings.

Driving Questions

What content-building steps would guide students to develop rigor in their narratives or storylines?
What media-making steps would guide students to create effective craftsmanship?
What digital tools, technical tips, and classroom management strategies will ensure delivery of GREAT projects?

Agenda Topics

Process: Story Circle
Process: Mapping Seven Steps
Topic: Resource Links+ Copyright Savvy + Citations
Topic: Strategies for Self-Direct Learning Spaces: Sign-Up Sheets / Help Me BINS / Three before Me
Topic: From StoryLines to Storyboarding
Process: Project Time / Mini-Lessons for Tools
Process: Coaching Performing Voice-Overs
Process: Project Time / Mini-Lessons for Tools
Process: Applause! Applause! ShowTime for Rough-Cut Videos

Protocols.004.jpgGroup Learning Tools and Links

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