Elementary Teacher-Created Graphic Novels ~ Comics Exhibits for Classrooms

Public Service Announcement Criteria

Brian Gurney Gr. 7/8 Montgomery

Comic Life Handout for Planning Your Project

Denise Rossmo-Wiegers

Photography Assignment for Gr 7/8 - Pleasant Hill Community School

Students were given digital cameras and asked to complete this assignment
Tracy Roadhouse

Got Moolah?- Grade 6 Hugh Cairns

An authentic math problem for grade 6 students to solve.
by Brad Will

Virtual Classroom Newsletter - Grade 5/6 Brownell School

by Megan Hernberg Gr. 5/6 Brownell School, hernbergm@spsd.sk.ca

Camp Poster for Westmount Community School

by Rob Janzen Gr. 7/8 Westmount, janzenr@spsd.sk.ca


Comic Life How To by Julienne Buckle and Rachel Fontaine

This is a quick one page reference on how to create a page in Comic Life. It is not a detailed instruction sheet, rather it's meant for the students to refer to while they are working on their own documents in Comic Life.

Setting Up The Document Camera by Lesley Walters

The instructions included with our document camera were frustrating teachers to the point that the camera was occasionally returned to the LRC unused. When I tried to set it up myself, I found out why! I created more appropriate instructions using Comic Life and have sparked interest in the publishing/media making tool in the process!

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle poster Created by Wendy Thomson & her Grade 3's

Homework assignment from ComicLife workshop...create a one page poster.


Ruth Culham - 6 + 1 Traits of Writing poster - Tanya Beattie (grade 8 - North Park Wilson) beattiet@spsd.sk.ca


Triangulating Data to Check Accuracy when Searching by Susan Ens Funk
Teacher Librarian Brevoort Park School K-8 funks@spsd.sk.ca
I created a one page graphic encouraging students to use more than one source of information when searching.


Comic Book Society: Advertisement for upcoming Comic Book Club
Created by Aaron Hansen, Jason Kimberly and Tamzen Kulyk of Greystone Heights School.

PSA/Advertisement for Teacher-Librarian
Diane Barsi, Holliston School