Pixie Gallery Walk


The peer review process outlined here is called the GalleryWalk. It borrows the metaphor of walking around an art gallery viewing and reflecting on numerous pieces of work. The GalleryWalk process creates a "critical friend" activity aka an "assessment FOR learning" strategy to capture written narrative reflection comments from viewers on each digital story.

Asking peers to review and reflect on work together is a powerful formal reflection process. Viewers learn as well as provide critical friend feedback for their peers as they rotate through looking at each digital story on its own workstation screen. All viewers are asked to leave written comments at each story station for what they found appealing (Positive) and ideas to consider for what might make it even better (Not there YET). Students may need a little coaching on the role of being a good critical friend being able to craft useful feedback for others to consider. Be sure to create a climate of safety and respect. This process is about learning both for authors having an authentic audience and for viewers through their experience of constructing useful, thoughtful feedback through analysis of what makes an exemplar piece of work.

Basic Narrative Directions ~ See Bernajean's Peer Review Detailing the Process!


Student Samples ~ a la Pixie

  • Launch the NUMBER of student sample below with the NUMBERED sticki note on computer.

  • Make sure it runs and has sound.

  • EACH reviewer leave their own comments (two stars and a wish) after viewing!

  • Take your splitters/headsets with you to NEXT computer when done!

  • Rotate with "politeness" to next stations in your COLOR zone when ready.

1. The Lazy Lion - 1st Grade Fairy Tales

2. Fox and Moon (no sound) - 5th Graders Science / Myths Unit

3. Piggies in the Mud - A Math Adventure Scripted and Directed by Sixth Graders with 3rd/4th Graders

4. Spellbound- 4th Grade Emotional Poems [Use Public Key: 6aaf7a]

5. Simile Books About Me - 2nd Grade Literary Devices

6. Tail of Emily Windsnap - 3rd Grade Literature