Beyond Words a la Presentation Zen


Urgent! Human beings needed with effective communication skills in order to translate inert, raw information into valuable knowledge useful and beneficial to others. No paper allowed!

What would be your presentation's influence ratings using the new science of measuring "attention power" via neuromarketing research? How are you doing with reaching and influencing critical audiences using slide presentations? New communication literacies are less about mastering technical skills of digital tools than about being able to artfully design information in ways that increase engagement and "sticking" power of content along with ensuring high impact on audiences living with a saturated world of information. Research shows "You've got seconds to grab someone's attention and only 10 minutes to keep it." Audience boredom, disconnects or mis-understandings usually stems from a failure with content and delivery designs, not the lack of skill with the digital tool itself. Every medium has its own grammar and fluency aka craftsmanship needing mastery in order to tap into the full communication power of that medium. As a focused example for understanding the craftsmanship of communication, participants will practice three basic rules-of-thumb for designing slide presentations with influence power. Concepts adapted from Presentation of Zen by Garr Reynolds. The grammar/fluency for memorable, high impact presentations will transform personal communication skills, yielding higher "attention power" and gaining more results that matter.

Agenda Topics

  • Beyond WordsThree_Zens.png
  • Attention Power
  • Craftsmanship
  • Grammar and Fluency
  • Presentation Zen
  • What's your influence power?
  • Death by PowerPoint or NOT
    • Purpose - The Elevator Check
    • Beware Slidument-ing
    • Three Parts to Presentations
    • NeuroMarketing
    • Sticking Power
    • Power of Stories
  • Four Design Principals
    • Silence to Noise Ratio (SNR)
    • Words NOT
    • Go Visual
    • Rule of Thirds
  • Learning Lab Make-Overs
  • GalleryWalk for Inspiring Ideas
  • Lessons Learned

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