Seeding Conversations

Pre-Task - Warming up for Dialogues
  • Complete 2-3 of the information sources below
  • What did you hear? learn? What do you think?
  • What is your reflection of ideas and concepts for EACH resource previewed?
    • What are the fears, hopes, challenges and possibilities from this information shared?
    • How do the ideas/concepts shared map (POSITIVE) with Literacy for Life goals?
    • How do the ideas/concepts shared contradict (NEGATIVE) Literacy for Life goals?

Take the challenge of gathering information from more than one medium!
Reading #1 - Books and Literacy Redefined

Reading #2 - Research on Texting and Blogging Impact on Reading/Writing.

National Literacy Trust Research
Website #1 - Reading/Writing with Social Media

• FanFiction @

• Blogging Questions w/ Author Sue Monk @

• FaceBook for Great Gatsby @

• TwitterPoetry @
Video #1 - Games vs Books

If Games Had Come
Before Books? View @
Website #2 w/ video - Participatory Authors

The Amanda Project w/
Publishers HarperTeen @
Video #2- Ruined or NOT

Communication Through the Ages